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Cupcakes: Flowers and Ice Cream cones

Posted in Desserts,Treats by cooking3d on May 7, 2012

This is going to be a quick post, but wanted to get this up here J

I combined a few different blogs into one to come up with these hydranga cupcakes.

  • The frosting is vanilla bean from the Cupcake project blog, super yummy but any vanilla or cream cheese frosting will work.
  • The hydragea décor came wfrom the Glorious Treats blog, this one is packed full of great tips, ideas and recipes.
  • As for how to make a cupcake bouquet, 52 kitchen adventures has a great tutorial.
  • When trying to get the frosting colors Anna and Blue posted this great guide, this is one you will definitely want to have on Pinterest

The other treats I made were ice cream cone cupcakes; see below:

The tips for these came from the blog Made in Melissa’s kitchen. The idea to use a mini muffin tin is a great one.

I got a question about transporting these, great question!  I would recommend a small dab of the icing under each one and keep them in the mini muffin tins.  If you have a tall cupcake carrier, that may get them there safely.  Lastly, you can also take a shallow cardboard box, invert it and cut circles out of it.  More work, but more sturdy too!

Off to get ready for the week.

Have fun playing in the kitchen!


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